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Rolled Sheets

We offer the best rolling services because metalworking is our nature and our power. We are also good are producing pipes.

Steel Sheets

There is a variety of products can be produced with a sheet of steel. We are able to surprise you with our masterpieces.

Steel Pipes

The pipes are necessary for any industrial business no matter what you do. Our pipes are made from different high-quality materials.

Copper-Base Alloys

Inform us about your project and we will produce anything you want with copper-base alloys and create an original product for you.

Stainless Steel

Provide us with an idea and take advantage of stainless steel products made by our industrial company.


Buy any number of aluminium sheets you want for your industrial project and enjoy the quality of our materials.



Manufacturing either a steel detail or a structural metal construction's framing is our major area of expertise.

Structural Steel Detailing
Steel Cladding
Advanced Welding

Whatever specific task you will be ordering, be sure that thanks to our professional employees and equipment we will be able to weld it all

Metal Shearing
Delivery & Erection

Professional metal processing. Highly experienced & equiped personnel