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Steelwork Services


Manufacturing either a steel detail or a structural metal construction’s framing is our major area of expertise. In a nutshell, the process of a metal fabrication consists of building the metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling it. It usually is a value added process, so a majority of our customers are manufacturers themselves, who use metal as a basic material for constructing their own end-products, like machines and structures from various raw materials.

Structural Steel Detailing

Shop detailing is a crucial part of the steelworks manufacturing process…  Either as a part of the process or a separate order, our shop detailing department is always ready to work on the measurements for a final detail, sketching them and later on implementing during the fabrication process.

This process is usually extremely intricate and demands near-99% accuracy. Even a tiny error can lead to a loss of valuable time and money, as well as raw material.

Steel Cladding

Almost any industrial-grade factory plant, a warehouse or other facility oftentimes requires some steel cladding to be done… So in case you need any type of steel cladding, galvanized roofing sections, composite wall and roof sheets, metal cladding, roofing products or fiber cement sheeting done, we will be ready to get it all done.

Regarding the types of materials that we use for our cladding services, we stick to precious metal, base metal, and a combination of both. As for the end-products, besides the rooftops

Advanced Welding

Whatever specific task you will be ordering, be sure that thanks to our professional employees and equipment we will be able to weld it all. While there’s a multitude of different types of advanced welding, we currently work with the electrofusion welding, orbital welding, spot welding and the vacuum welding… On par with precious metals soldering, these welding techniques allow us to work on any level of metal customization. 

Professional metal processing. Highly experienced & equiped personnel